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8 comments / Posted on by Mike Drawdy

We are happy to welcome everyone to our new website. This will give us a much better platform to display our fish and show you more of what is going on at Imperial Tropicals. We still have a lot of work to do to the site and it will be a work in progress. Let us know what you think of it and what you feel we should add.

If you are not familiar with us, we are a small family owned business that breeds all types of Aquarium fish for a living. My parents started off in 1970 breeding livebearers (swordtails, mollies, guppies) and with hard work and dedication they were able to grow the business and build the foundation of what we have today. In the summer of 2002, after serving four years in United States Marine Corps, I came back to the family business with a determination and drive that was instilled in me from the Marine Corps. 

Now in 2015, we are starting off the New Year in an exciting way. We are now breeding some amazing fish with a lot of new strains of African cichlids, Central American cichlids, South American cichlids, shrimp, snails, etc. We have the best crew at Imperial Tropicals here to not only breed the fish, but to help ship them to your door step. 

Thanks, Mike Drawdy




  • Posted on by Eli

    If I ordered a flowerhorn today when would it get here (I live in Kentucky postal code 42141)

  • Posted on by Doug Mazyn

    I just started an aquarium and came across your websiter. After looking thru the site I ordered some fish. I did some more exploring into your website and noticed your a veteran. My wife was a veteran so I will buy my fish from you. The only company I have is the background of your site. A black color and grey words makes it difficult to eat things. Thanks for your good work,
    Doug M.

  • Posted on by Kat Bartllett

    I received my first order from Imperial Tropicals yesterday, 3/15/17. I purchased two juvenile German Blue Rams, two juvenile Gold Rams, two juvenile Electric Blue Acaras, six Sterbai Corydoras and three assassin snails. The service was prompt and all fish arrived alive, well and as promised! The fish were well bagged, packed, insulated and shipped with a still warm heat pack. Once acclimated, they were quickly exploring their new home and ready to eat! They are beautiful and looked just as beautiful as the online photos represented them! I couldn’t be happier with my first order and satisfied with both my fish and the great service. I will be using Imperial Tropicals for all my future orders and recommending you to my family and friends! Thank you!

  • Posted on by louann

    Got your shipment the next day. everyone was alive and still doing great. best fish ive ever bought . thanks so much for the two replacement. it has been a joy to deal with your company. tank is full now but plan on getting a super size tank next to aaccompany my fast growing black ghost knife fish. First time I have ever had one and just the coolest thing ever. not shy at all like they say. any way good luck and thanks again. louann

  • Posted on by Bridget

    I live in California. I have bought plenty of fish from Imperial Tropicals . I get them trough the mail and I love the quality of fish they have. I love the fact they have so many to choose from and you get free shipping when you order $50.00 worth. Since I have been buying from Imperial Tropical. I am no longer satisfied with the ordinary fish you see at places like PetSmart etc… Imperial Tropicals is the place to go if you want high quality unique fish. I would recommend them any day

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