• Behind the scene peek at our Lemon Jake Peacocks

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    Its a beautiful day at Imperial Tropicals, It seemed wrong not to share seining our pond of Lemon Jake Peacocks with you all. Get a behind the scene look of what really goes on around here. Nothing but hard work. 

    This pond is about 8-10 feet deep in the middle. We do run into snakes, gators, and turtles often but thankfully not today. This net that we are using has weights on the bottom to be able to drag the bottom of the pond to catch the most fish. You'll notice how grown up the grass is around the sides, This time of year its hard to control due to rain, It makes it very difficult to mow and our tractors and mowers will get stuck in the mud when it is wet or slip off in the pond if we are not careful! 

    Lets talk Lemon Jakes and how they end up in the pond! The Lemon Jakes are African Cichlids in Aulonocara family that are found in the wild in Lake Malawi. We keep fully grown males and females in a breeder vat/tank. We let them do there thing and check the females once a week to see if they are holding eggs. Females will hold the eggs in there mouth all the way till the eggs hatch and turn into fry (baby lemon jakes). Once the Females have fry holding in there mouth, We open there mouth in water and let the fry swim out. Once we have collected the fry we will hold it in a different tank for a couple of weeks and once the fry is a little bigger we release them in to the pond to grow. 

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    We hope you enjoy this short clip and get a better understanding of the breeding and seining process.  

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