African Cichlids

190 products

Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria, West Africa, Madagascar, and other Old World Cichlids....

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American Cichlids

92 products

Central and South American cichlids. Discus, Angelfish, Dwarf Cichlids, and more.

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13 products

Corydoras and their cousins (Family: Callichthyidae).

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Cyprinids & Tetras

62 products

Schooling fish including Barbs, Rasboras, and Tetras.        

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Dry Goods

20 products

Dry goods including tank decor, shipping materials, and Imperial Tropicals merch!      ...

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Food & Feeders

6 products

Food that we feed on our farm, as well as feeder fish and shrimp....

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5 products

Goldfish and Koi.        

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Imports - Colombia

38 products

This collection of species are wild caught in Colombia. Some species may also be...

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Imports - Germany

19 products

A collection of fish we have imported from German suppliers.

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32 products

Shrimps, Snails, and Crayfish.        

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35 products

Swordtails, Mollies, Platies, and more.

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Misc. Fish

15 products

Oddballs that don't fit in our other categories.        

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New Arrivals

26 products

Check out our newest arrivals! Including new species and restocked favorites.

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Other Catfish

12 products

Catfish not in the Loridcariidae family. African, Asian, and South American.      ...

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38 products

All of our plant offerings for your planted tank or pond.      ...

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36 products

Loricariids such as Plecos and Whiptails.

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Previous Inventory

445 products

Fish variants that we have carried but currently do not have in stock. Some...

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32 products

Rainbowfish and Blue-Eyes (Pseudomugil) from SE Asia and Oceania.        

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1 product

Specials to maximize your savings!          

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0 products

What you see is what you get! You will receive the exact fish pictured. ...

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