Black Ruby Barb (Pethia nigrofasciata)

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Remarks: Black Ruby Barbs (Pethia nigrofasciata) are native to Sri Lanka, where they live in forest streams in the hills. Females retain a juvenile pattern similar to that of a Tiger Barb - golden body with three black stripes. Males, however, begin to dark around 1.25", turning nearly solid black in the latter half of their body and a deep ruby color in their face and chest. In order to see this coloration, we recommend a minimum of 8 fish to form a nice school, where males can battle over dominance by flaring their fins and strengthening their colors. 

Scientific NamePethia nigrofasciata

Common Name: Black Ruby Barb

Max Size: 2.5"

pH: 5.0-8.0

Hardness: Soft

Temperature: 65-80°

Aggressiveness: Peaceful

Region of Origin: Southeast Asia

Captive Bred or Wild: Captive Bred

Diet: Small flake or pellet, small frozen or live foods

Compatibility: Similarly sized schooling fish, livebearers, rainbowfish.

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