Blue Guianacara (Guianacara owroewefi)

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Remarks: Blue Guianacara (Guianacara owroewefi) are found in the French Guiana and Surinam. They are fairly peaceful cichlids that will fit well with Geophagus spp., Angelfish, Severums, and other medium to large sized South American cichlids. They appear to form small colonies in the wild, where pairs will spawn inside of small caves. 

Scientific Name: Guianacara owroewefi

Common Name: Blue Guianacara

Max Size: 6"

pH: 5.0-8.0

Hardness: Soft

Temperature: 70-82°

Aggressiveness: Peaceful

Region of Origin: South America

Captive Bred or Wild: Captive Bred

Diet: Flake or pellet, frozen and live food

Compatibility: Large tetras, peaceful South American cichlids, catfish.

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