Centipede Knife (Steatogenys duidae)

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Remarks: The Centipede Knife Fish (Steatogenys duidae) is a rare species from Peru. They spend most of the day sitting motionless in piles of leaf litter, camouflaging perfectly with the mosaic of brown and tan leaves. They are very shy and prefer only to come out during the night, when they can search for small insects and crustaceans (or frozen foods in the aquarium). 

These fish prefer a fine sand substrate and plenty of cover in the form of aquatic plants and leaf litter. They do best in groups, and it is best to not keep them with aggressive or fast-moving fish. Feeding them after the lights go out is necessary as other fish will easily outcompete them during the daylight. 

Due to the sensitive nature of these fish, DOA claims will only be provided if photos show the fish in the unopened bag. Please be aware that these fish spend a lot of time motionless on their side, giving the appearance that they are dead. They have often fooled us, but a light poking often results in some evasive swimming. 

Scientific NameSteatogenys duidae

Common Name: Centipede Knife

Max Size: 8"

pH: 6.0-8.0

Hardness: Soft

Temperature: 70-82°

Aggressiveness: Peaceful

Region of Origin: South America

Captive Bred or Wild: Wild

Diet: Primarily proteins in the form of frozen or live foods. 

Compatibility: Small, peaceful fish that will not outcompete them for food

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