(Cyprichromis zonatus)

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RemarksCyprichromis zonatus are a mild-mannered cichlid from Lake Tanganyika that exhibit shoaling behaviors higher in the water column. This makes them excellent tankmates for shell- or cave-dwelling cichlids, which rarely venture higher into open water. They act as a relaxing agent for other species as well, much like tetras do with dwarf cichlids - if the Cyprichromis are swimming in the open, it must be "safe." 

Cyprichromis are long and slender and may be considered the "sardines of Lake Tanganyika." They occur all over the lake and have a wide variety of color patterns. They are maternal mouthbrooders and in the wild, females will spawn all at once with the dominant males in the area. Spawns are typically 5-20 fry as their mouths are small. 

Due to the sensitive nature of these fish, DOA claims will only be honored if the fish are in their sealed bags. No exceptions will be made for losses that occur after opening the bags.

  As these are social fish, we sell them in groups of 3, 6, or more. 

Scientific NameCyprichromis zonatus

Common Name:

Max Size: 4"

pH: 7.5-8.4

Hardness: Hard

Temperature: 74-82°

Aggressiveness: Semi-Aggressive

Region of Origin: Lake Tanganyika, Africa

Captive Bred or Wild: Captive Bred

Diet: Flake or pellet

Compatibility: Lake Tanganyikan cichlids, Synodontis catfish.

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