(Julidochromis dickfeldi)

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Remarks: Julidochromis dickfeldi is a yellow-tan torpedo-shaped cichlid from Lake Tanganyika with several horizontal black bars and blue fins. They inhabit rocky areas of the lake and can often be seen hovering upside-down below a rocky outcropping. Julies make for an excellent candidate for a breeder looking to try Tanganyikan cichlids, as they are cave spawners and tend to produce quite a few fry, which they raise for several weeks. Sexing is nearly impossible, so young groups should be kept together until they pair off.

Scientific Name: Julidochromis dickfeldi

Common Name

Max Size: 4"

pH: 7.5-8.6

Hardness: Hard

Temperature: 70-82°

Aggressiveness: Semi-Aggressive

Region of Origin: Lake Tanganyika, Africa

Captive Bred or Wild: Captive Bred

Diet: Flake or pellet, frozen and live food

Compatibility: Lake Tanganyikan cichlids

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