L067 Yellow Seam Pleco (Pseudancistrus asurini)

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Remarks: L067 Yellow Seam Plecos (Pseudancistrus asurini) are a black/brown bodied pleco with gold spots and gold tips on their dorsal and caudal fins. They are endemic to the Rio Xingu basin in Brazil. This species is often sold interchangeably with the L017.

Scientific Name: Pseudancistrus asuini

Common Name: Yellow Seam Pleco

Max Size: 8"

pH: 6.0-7.0

Hardness: Moderate

Temperature: 78-84°

Aggressiveness: Peaceful

Region of Origin: South America

Captive Bred or Wild: Wild

Diet: Vegetables or algae wafers, occasional bloodworms or meaty foods

Compatibility: Plecos, catfish, schooling fish, livebearers, rainbowfish

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