Long-Tailed Whiptail (Pterosturisoma microps)

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Remarks: The Long-Tailed Whiptail from Peru, Pterosturisoma microps, is a dark gray or black Loricariid with long pectoral, dorsal, and anal fin extensions that reach far beyond the end of the fishes fins. When viewed from above, their sprawling fins look like a black fighter-jet. They come from fast-moving water and prefer to hang vertically on rocks or driftwood. They feed constantly on aufwuchs growing on these surfaces, so a tank by a window with direct sunlight will benefit them greatly! We have weaned them onto bloodworms for now, and they seem content to put on weight once again in captivity. 

Scientific NamePterosturisoma microps

Common Name: Long-Tailed Whiptail

Max Size: 7"

pH: 5.5-8.0

Hardness: Moderate

Temperature: 70-83°

Aggressiveness: Semi-Aggressive

Region of Origin: South America

Captive Bred or Wild: Wild

Diet: Frozen or live meats, occasional vegetables

Compatibility: Plecos, catfish, schooling fish, livebearers, rainbowfish.

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