Red Cap (Lethrinops sp.)

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Remarks: Lethrinops species are typically more docile than more Haps and are best kept with other docile fish. As you can see in the two photos, when happy they are an amazing green color with accents of blue, orange, gold, and a red forehead. When stressed, such as in the photo tank, they tend to lose their green, though they do retain a lot of the other colors. A colony of several males and females can be housed together and multiple males will show color. Like Peacocks, they eat by sifting sand through their gills and picking out microorganisms. 

Scientific Name: Lethrinops sp.

Common Name: Red Cap

Max Size: 6"

pH: 7.5-8.4

Hardness: Hard

Temperature: 74-82°

Aggressiveness: Aggressive

Region of Origin: Lake Malawi, Africa

Captive Bred or Wild: Captive Bred

Diet: Flake or pellet

Compatibility: Victorian Haps, Malawi Haps, Malawi Peacocks, Synodontis

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