Zebra Gold "Ruarwe" (Metriaclima sp.)

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Remarks: This locality of zebra gold mbunas are found on the northwestern side of Lake Malawi in the deeper, rocky areas near Ruarwe.  Males are a golden yellow with black ventral fins and light blue details on their other fins. Their face and belly are black to blue. Females are gray to silver and occasionally have a few light blue markings. These fish are mainly herbivorous, feeding on algae and plankton in the wild. Zebra gold mbunas are aggressive toward similar looking species but are generally non-combative toward non-conspecifics.

Scientific Name: Metriaclima sp. "Ruarwe"

Common Name: Zebra Gold "Ruarwe"

Max Size: 6 inches


Hardness: Hard



Region of Origin: Lake Malawi, Africa

Captive Bred or Wild: Captive Bred

Diet: Flake or Pellet food low in protein

Compatibility: Mbuna

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